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Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers – a slot machine with five reels, thirty lines (their number is allowed to be changed), three rows of images on the screen, as well as an extensive selection of game options, including special symbols, a jackpot, several bonus rounds, repeated backs, free starts and so on.

You can play wizard of oz slot free casino at a rate per line from one cent to two dollars. In this case, the size of the bet can be changed in steps of one cent at any stage. Accordingly, the spin is taken up to sixty dollars.

Winning of combinations in the wizard of oz slot machine  – Ruby Slippers are considered chains of three or more identical symbols. They must be on the active line, beginning with the first drum and being located next to each other.

For each line, payment is made only by the highest combination. The win amount is calculated by multiplying the bet, done on the line, by the combination ratio (up to x12,000). There is no risky game for the odds, so the entire payout is immediately transferred to the user’s account.

The theoretical return of the video slot Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers is 95.96%.

Although there are no real casinos in our country, many gambling people want to try their luck by running slot machines. For this, you do not need to go anywhere, because your favorite emulator is available right at home or in any other place. Enough internet connection to start your favorite slot. Speed ​​of the connection is absolutely not important: the slots work fine on the mobile Internet, so smartphone owners often gamble.

Play free wizard of oz slot – advantages of wizard of oz slot games

The first difference is a calm atmosphere. Unlike ordinary casinos, were noisy and smokey, sitting in a comfortable chair at the computer house no one can prevent to enjoy the game. The second difference is the free game mode. At our casinos online all emulators are in completely free access, so every guest or member of the club can run them without problems. The third advantage – the ability to play on any device: an old computer, smartphone or tablet of the latest generation.

Virtual slots are the best entertainment!

Many perceive slot machines as evil, but this applies only to those who have not heard anything about virtual emulators. After all, there is absolutely no risk with a free game (of wizard of oz slots free coins), but there is a chance to get a new portion of adrenaline and a real pleasure from gambling.

The game process itself takes place on the screen of a computer or other device. The appearance of each of the emulators does not differ from its real prototype: the same animation, sound effects, musical accompaniment, bonus games, etc. But, having got into the electronic world, some slots got new opportunities, and absolutely new devices appeared that had no analogues in the real world. They are called 3d-slots, and the game on them differs significantly from the classical models: the atmosphere is more saturated, the sounds are realistic, and the bonus and bonus games are amazing with their variety. Despite the appearance of new slots, many are happy to play classical automata, as they have known them for more than two decades.

In our opinion, the best that is in the video slot Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers – is a variety of bonus rounds. We did not describe them, but do not think that they are unworthy of your attention. Each of them is interesting in its own way and allows you to fight for large payments. In general, the machine produces an excellent impression. Try your luck from wizard of oz slots free credits!

Users can easily verify this: on the main page of the site you can find a scoreboard, which displays the latest winnings of other users. You will understand that victory is very often given to ordinary players, which means that you can also be lucky. All you need to do is to drop doubts and make your bet.

Thus, to find an online casino that tries to create excellent conditions for its users, it is still possible. Having visited this portal, you will see for yourself.


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