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The company Microgaming has entered into another deal with a Hollywood studio, having acquired the right to develop an online slot based on the funny comedy of 2011 “bridesmaids slot” (“Bridesmaids”). The film from the Universal Pictures studios raised the already popular stars Kristen Uig and Melissa McCarthy to the top of the rating. The fans of the comedy film were very happy that they would soon see the game version.

Play bridesmaids slot – Luck is very changeable

Counting on her indulgence means expecting anything. But is it possible in the casino to take matters into their own hands and along with luck to decide their fate of gambling? Is it possible to make capricious and deceptive fortune obedient or succumb to your persuasions and appeals to it?Bridesmaids slots will help you!

It can not be said that this is impossible, but the fact is that no one has been able to do this before.

There are only a few gambling, where there is no luck, and skill ultimately determines the results. These include poker and blackjack. In the rest, the game happens for luck, even if the players are sure of the opposite. It remains to count on your luck. But you can make your theoretical luck go up, that is, your chances for victory have increased.

This is achieved simply. To begin with, you need to choose slots for Casino Optimus with the highest percentage of payments. The average return rate is 90-95%. Above 95% is not bad, but the closer to 100%, the more tempting the game will be.

In addition to the percentage of return, special effects and bonus rounds have a big impact. The most profitable option is a round of free spins, and the more friskins are given, the better. Drums will be spinning completely free of charge, and your last bet will be fixed and on it, in case of winning, winnings will be calculated.

A risk game is equally important for profitability. This is an opportunity to double the winnings on an equal basis with the establishment of chances. In the main game there is always a small percentage of the advantages of the casino. Due to this institution and earn. But in the risk of casino games this advantage is lost, which is not much, but it affects the result.

There are bonus games in bridesmaids slot game where you just need to select several cells in which bonus credits are hidden. There is more chance of getting a win, because, usually several cells are selected at once, at least one of which will be profitable.

Many players love classic slots like to play free bridesmaids slot. Their advantage is that they consistently bring more payments. The game on them occurs only on three reels, often with one or several lines. The number of characters is small, so the necessary combinations will drop out more often. Often they do not offer either special features or bonus rounds. But there are models that also provide these items.

The company announced that the game bridesmaids slot online  was released in the summer of 2015, and will be equipped with five playing bands, which is the standard approach for creating modern slots.

More interestingly, Bridesmaids will have multi-level bonus games in which players can receive multiple winnings. In addition, the game is available on PC and mobile devices.

Bridesmaids promises to be a hit, if only because in the slot will be added some of the funniest moments of the film, showing the bridesmaids, who are trying to help his girlfriend plan the wedding of a dream. Bridesmaids will give us a lot of smiles. The game Bridesmaids will be closer to the movie than most other similar slots, because here will show the moments from the original picture.

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